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Below are a few products not sold by GORUCK that are useful and recommended for training and/or partaking in GORUCK Challenges, Expeditions, and similar events. For the Challenge Pant & Shirt follow the GORUCK link to the right. There is also a message board towards the bottom to ask questions.



"Before this goes all Wednesday... great boot and takes minimal if any time to break them in" -Bryan

"Great if you have problems  where your little toe always tries to push under the next one" - Kevin

"Great 2nd layer and is merino wool so wicks away moisture and keeps you warm, they hold up through events too" - Bryan

"Good gloves for any event, hold up pretty well to concrete and other surfaces during events" - Bryan

"Good cap for cold weather events and blocks wind unlike looser wool caps " - Bryan

"Reduces some of the friction on your feet if you are getting hot spots" - Bryan

"Helps with inner thigh chafing, retaining heat, and also dries fairly quickly" - Bryan

"3rd or external layer, dries fast and is comfortable" - Bryan

"Work great for cold weather events and hold up to the rigors of events" - Bryan

"Keeps your face and neck warm in cold weather" - Bryan

"Well made, in summer wick sweat away from skin, in winter keep your feet warm, they are soft, only socks I've worn that helped prevent blisters, they also have a lifetime warranty and it is easy to use they don't jerk you around" - Jenn

"Helps with inner thigh chafing, retaining heat, and also dries fairly quickly. Legging version works well for cold weather events" - Bryan

"Worth the price, great rain shell and/or windbreaker. Held up through multiple Heavy Challenges" - Bryan

"Love these headbands they keep your hair back wick sweat and stay on your head" - Jenn

"Buff that keeps your face and neck warm, plus it's a skull face... enough said" - Bryan

"Base layer that keeps the ruck from grinding your back all night" - Tom

"External layer for cold weather events, allows for warmth and minimal loss of movement"

- Bryan

"This worked amazingly well on the over night 20 miler and snow storm" - Jim

"American made quality sunglasses, frames are covered for life (just don't lose them while out for a night on the town, that's not covered) "




"Used through all my events, lost one to saltwater though, but all other conditions its been great. Has red light, which all headlamps should have "

- Bryan

"Better than a waist belt and hold up well strapped to the ruck through the external molle " - Bryan

"Have had the same one through all my events, but you do have to make sure you clean it. Hasn't popped yet"

- Bryan

"I always keep a spare hose with me, twice in cold weather events I've had to give someone my backup"

- Bryan

"I replace my non-bite storm valve that the bladder comes with, with this one and keep the other as a backup. This once is easier to use"

- Bryan

"Solid dry bag with a valve to get all the air out, also has a semi-waterproof zip up pocket on the outside to store things you need to get to ASAP" - Bryan

"Always have at least 2 of these with me. Used to help carry Jerry cans, sandbags, team weights, etc."

- Bryan

"Keeps everything dry even while fully submereged, this size fits Trail Toes, Leukotape, Body Glide, and some other random items" - Bryan

"Always have them for clipping gear and/or coupons to self or other structures. Also required for Heavy Challenges"

- Bryan

"Keeps everything dry even while fully submereged, this size fits car keys, ID, $20, and some Tylenol in it" - Bryan

"Great to keep from having to deal with shoes coming untied"

- Troy

"Game changer for any joint pain you may get through the events" - Bryan



"Good notepad with waterproof paper, lots of note taking in the expedition events" - Bryan

"Two person tent thats is light weight, easy to set up, and has held up through multiple expedition events and basic camping" - Bryan

"Protractor for map reading, most events I have been too have been 1:24,000 or 1:25,000 which this has both"

- Bryan

"I'm sure there are more expensive and "better" sleeping bags out there but this one has held up great and kept me warm during the expedition events I have done and is fairly light weight" - Bryan

"Basic compass for map reading, good to have one that you can lay flat on the map"

- Bryan

"Good pillow that takes up minimal space in a ruck"

- Bryan

"Decent sized ferro rod compared to most fire starting kits out there. Pretty much anything smaller is not worth buying (size matters)" - Bryan

"Self-inflating sleeping pad and holds air well compared to most I've tried" - Bryan

"Easy to use, lightweight water filtration system" - Jenn

"Does high volume fairly quickly and water is some of the best water I have had (and I'm not the only one who has said that)" - Bryan

"Chili Mac is my favorite (along with blueberries and milk), but all of these meals are pretty good for any of the expedition events" - Bryan

"Most commonly an add on item for events to make a Swiss Seat. If you like the finer things in life like your balls not being crushed, use this over just rope" - Bryan



"Awesome product to toughen up your feet for a Heavy or HCL type of events, but it does have a special aroma to it" - Bryan

"Works as a good preventative for blisters and hot spots"

- Bryan

"Another preventative for blisters, I put this on the Achilles, but overall some of the best tape you can have for joint support taping" - Bryan

"Stops chafing in all those places you don't want chafing, highly recommended" - Bryan

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