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3rd party geaR that can be used for HDT

Each round we have a few that will ask about different gear that we use to assist or increase difficulty for exercises. Below are a few gear items that you can get through Amazon that we use during Inter-Rounds, HDT Rounds, Yoga, and/or our Nutrition Programs.


None of these items are required to do a round of any of our HDT, Proprioceptive, or Yoga programs though, as you just need yourself, a ruck, and/or sandbags to hit those gains with us. For our SAQ program the items are needed though. These items may or may not be the best deal out there, I did not research each item and other websites that may supply them or similar. For instance Home Depot buckets are about 3x cheaper at Home Depot for instance.

General Gear

Fairly inexpensive option for adding a pull up bar that is not going in a doorway. While doorway pull-up bars work, they do limit some other movements and can put strain on the door frame. 

Plenty of options out there for wireless headphones, these ones have worked great for me and have the wireless charge that can be brought anywhere.

Solid wall mount timer, has more options than needed for HDT workouts but definitely helps with the care packages and AMRAPs throughout the round.

Horse mats are perfect for laying down for a gym floor in the garage, you can also get them at Tractor Supply stores as well.

Covered my garage door for my gym area, more insulation is needed in other areas but I have been able to keep it in the 40s (with a heater) while being below freezing outside.

Hands down one of the best purchases for my fitness. Use it every workout, tracks HR, Miles, Exercises, Yoga, Running, Rucking (walking), Steps, ect.

Ankle weights for doing flutter kicks, hello dollies, and any other exercises that involve bringing the feet off the ground. Can also we worn during rucking as well.

If you have a Garmin watch this is a must have since it tracks a much more accurate HR, also tracks different stats on your runs as well.

Good yoga mat for our yoga program, main reason we went with this one was based on the reviews that didn't slip or slide out while using it. 

Good industrial fan for the price, also has a wall mount option that it comes with. Good for those not so cold days.

Proprioceptive Training

Another great too to add controlled instability to workouts, we use this during both Inter-Rounds and HDT for any chest to press work while laying in the supine position among other movements.

Used during Inter-Round work, this can be used to increase the instability during the balance work we do. This would be for someone either in the beginner or intermediate level of the program

Used during Inter-Round workouts as a tool to increase the instability during balance work. This would be used for the Intermediate level of our programs

A favorite tool of mine, we use this in both Inter-Rounds Advanced level & HDT to add controlled instability to work those Type I muscle fibers. So many ways to work this into your workouts.

Used for the Advanced Inter-Round level, this is another tool to help increase the instability for balance work.

Speed, Agility, & Quickness

These can be used for both the Inter-Round and HDT programs for assistance with pull-ups & chin-ups. Also can be used for other exercises like banded squats, tricep pull downs, etc.

Will be used for box jumps, step ups, and other movements focusing on burst and/or strength exercises for our SAQ program.

We use kettle bells or plates in a variety of ways for our strength training segments of SAQ. We typically don't push heavy weight during this program so 10-25 lbs. is plenty.

We use weight plates to hold down bands for certain exercises, if you have a cage you can use that instead. Lighter weight plates we use for some exercises, but you can use a ruck plate for those.

We use the hurdles for the speed and agility portion of the program focusing on forward and lateral movements.

Each of the workouts we have in this program will involve the use of the speed ladder doing 2 foot, alternating feet, or 1 foot movements.

Cone drills is a big part of our agility portion of the program. We set up cones for different drills like the X-Drill, Box Drill, LEFT Drill, etc.

These are resistance loops, which are smaller than the bands. We add these to certain exercises like Knee Highs, Psoas March, Abductors, etc.

When doing any arm action exercises we try to ramp up to adding weight. These are 2lb hand weights that can help increase the burn and strength of the arm action movement.

Used in different aspects for lower body and core work that is tied to the SAQ program.

Sandbag & Ruck +

These are a staple to our SB&R + program, lots of uses for these with water or sand within them. Bucket carries, apparatus carries, overhead holds, etc.

We use the rope in the SB&R + program where you will attach it to your SB for sandbag rope pulls for a certain distance.

Waterproof deck of cards, we use these for the added fun when you miss a timehack or standard during the SB&R + version of our program.

For SB&R + version of the program we do a few different movements and tasks that require being blindfolded, any kind of blindfold can be used, including a bandana...but not a banana

For SB&R + version of the program we use these for the apparatus build and also for attaching the rope to the SB for the SB pulls.

For SB&R + version of the program we do an apparatus build hanging the 5 gallon buckets from an 8 foot 4x4 using chain between the carabiners and bucket.

For SB&R + version of the program we do an apparatus build hanging the 5 gallon buckets from an 8 foot 4x4. These or other screw in eyelet are used to attach chain from the 4x4.

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