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Kirk Deligiannis

On Sunday, September 25th, 2016 we lost a great man, father, husband, motivator, and friend. The adjectives you read about him in black and white don't do what this man did justice. Dedicated to fitness and helping causes, only second to his family, he built up Mettle Forger and later, with Brian Lohr, Charity Challenges which went on to raise thousands of dollars for the Green Beret Foundation and Team RWB. Never one to turn away from a challenge or person in need, this world will undoubtedly miss him. Help carry on his legacy by taking part in the WOD and donating to help those families who have also lost loved ones.

"Choose a goal you can not achieve. Then plan for it. Train for it. And destroy it" - Kirk



1. The main thing is to remember why we are doing this -- Kirk Deligiannis was an amazing guy and deserves to be remembered that way. Go out there and put everything you got into this like he would. Pick the WOD that scares you, but be smart about it.

2. Begin to hydrate today, keep hydrating through the next few days and also while doing the workout. This is a 1000 reps if you do not scale it, that's a lot of reps for those that may not be able to count. Rabdo is real, and if you do not hydrate and listen to your body, it becomes even more real. Be safe and smart, the last thing we want is injuries or people going to the hospital.

3. The way the workout works... the first 100 is the buy in (that means you need to do those 100 reps first before moving on to the next grouping). The next 500 reps you can set those up however you want (last year I did sets of 20 for cleans, squats, and press till I got 100 of each then moved on to the ground to shoulder and sit ups in sets of 20), then go do your mile . The last 400 reps for every one of the workouts is WITHOUT WEIGHT and again you can set them up how you see fit to knock all the reps out, and then run another mile. If you have questions please post them below.

4. There are videos of each movement on our YouTube Channel if you do not know one of the exercises.

5. SHARE AND INVITE, the more people we get the more people will know Kirks story and help raise more money for the Green Beret Foundation Gold Star Families. Which helps families of fallen Green Berets, this was chosen by Maria Deligiannis as it reflects a similar situation to herself and family.

6. Lastly, make sure to get pictures/videos and share them! If you would like to send us your pictures we will add them to the slide show below. To email them to us Click Here

Kirk Deligiannis
Kirk Deligiannis
Kirk Deligiannis


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