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Training Programs Start Dates
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hdt log.jpg
  • 12/25: 16-week Barbell Programs

  • 12/25: 2-week Proprioceptive Training

  • 12/25: 8-week SAQ Training

  • 1/8: 6-week Heavy Drop Training

  • 1/8: 6-week KD-Kettlebell Training

  • 1/8: 6-week Yoga Mobility Training

  • 2/19: 16-week Barbell Programs

  • 2/19: 2-week Proprioceptive Training

  • 2/19: 8-week SAQ Training

  • 3/4: 6-week Heavy Drop Training

  • 3/4: 6-week KD-Kettlebell Training

  • 3/4 6-week Yoga Mobility Training

  • 4/15: 16-week Barbell Programs

  • 4/15: 2-week Proprioceptive Training

  • 4/15: 8-week SAQ Training

  • 4/29: 6-week Heavy Drop Training

  • 4/29: 6-week KD-Kettlebell Training

  • 4/29: 6-week Yoga Mobility Training

Our workout plan is specifically designed to help you build strength, endurance and power by incorporating sandbags and rucks. 
Here's why you should sign up today:
  1. Customizable workouts: Our workouts are completely adjustable to meet your unique fitness level and goals, from beginners to advanced athletes.
  2. Fun and challenging exercises: Unlike traditional gym workouts, our program uses sandbags and rucks to create a dynamic, challenging routine that will keep you engaged and motivated.
  3. Versatile: Our workout plan is perfect for anyone looking to improve their fitness, regardless of age, gender or experience.
  4. Full body workout: You'll work every muscle group during our sandbag and ruck-based workouts, helping you achieve an all-around, strong and toned physique.
  5. Convenient: With our program, you can work out from the comfort of your own home or take your sandbag and ruck on the go for a fun and effective outdoor workout.
Take your fitness to the next level with our sandbag and ruck-based program. Sign up today for a challenging, fun and effective workout like no other!
What a week of HDT looks like:
  • 3 Primary Sandbag & Ruck, Bodyweight & Ruck, or Bodyweight Workouts (roughly 40-70 mins per workout)
    • Upper Body Focused
    • Lower Body Focused
    • Core Focused
  • 1 AMRAP (10-30 mins)
    • As Many Reps As Possible in a set amount of time​
  • 1 Strict Ruck or Slick Run
    • Goals based on your pre-training times, if you beat it we give you a new calculated goal.
    • You also choose the distances for these, make sure it is a distance you can make work weekly
  • Optional (not for points) QMOD/R
    • Quarter mile movement with either your sandbag, ruck, or at bodyweight
  • Optional (not for points) 6 Week Ladder
    • We mix up the ladders each round, we've done push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, burpees, etc.
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