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SHTF Med Kit (EDC)

This is a breakdown of my Every Day Carry (EDC) and even more importantly my Shit Hits The Fan (SHTF) medical kit/supplies which I always have on me. I hope to never have to use this stuff, but never hurts to be ready for anything (and no I am not a Doomsday Prepper, this is merely for an everyday situation and not for long term survival in the case of the world version of SHTF). I teach in a college, which are considered a soft target for potential attacks and I like to be ready for anything (or this stuff could come into use during a car accident or similar situation).

Disclaimer: Most of this stuff I have never used personally, most of the knowledge I have gained in regards to these products comes from those who have used such items and their personal opinions on them. With that being said, some of you will probably disagree with some of these things, which I say go for it (I have an asshole too, I mean opinion). This is an informational tool and by no means does this give you certification or the knowledge base to use these tools.


I use the GORUCK GR1 as my everyday ruck, total weight is roughly 30 lbs. on a normal day.


Main Compartment

Contents within Main Compartment


  • SAM Splint

  • This splint is great for pretty much anything other than making a finger splint, it's pliable and can be molded to work for whatever issues you may be dealing with.

  • Compact and light weight.

  • Once setting it, use the ACE bandage to wrap the appendage to stabilize everything.

  • ACE Bandage

  • Used for rolled ankles, sprained knee and/or shoulder.

  • Also good to have for the SAM Splint.

  • Needle Decompression Kit

  • Used when there is a pneumothorax, the needle will release the trapped air allowing for the lung to inflate again.

  • NOTE: Do not use unless you have been taught on how to apply it or it is a life or death situation.

  • HALO Seals

  • Used for stab or gunshot wounds in the chest region.

  • A very adhesive sticker that goes over the wound, sealing it off and protecting it from further contamination.

  • Will adhere even in the presence of blood, sweat, hair, and sand.

  • Works in temperatures below 32 F and over 140 F.

  • Click Here for Video

  • Intraosseous Infusion System

  • This is just in my kit since I have it, probably will never personally use it.

  • Used when the intravenous access is not available.

  • The end with all the needles gets pushed into bone that can be felt superficially, usually the manubrium of the sternum, head of the humerus, or anterior proximal tibia to infuse blood into a person’s marrow cavity in case of substantial blood loss, so you would need an IV bag of blood to go with this (I do not carry blood).

  • Click Here for Video (not for the squeamish)

  • Trauma Shears

  • Can cut through a cast or even a penny (if you ever needed to do that).

  • Has the safety edge on them so you can be quick with them without worry of stabbing someone.

  • Tape

  • This is just athletic tape that I have for use whenever and for whatever.

All Packed In


Rope Kit

Added weight, no true practical purpose for my everyday situations other than practicing knots in my office, other than maybe tying up someone I guess (a bad guy obviously).


Spare Clothes

  • Boxer briefs (secret is out I guess)

  • T-shirt

  • Gym Shorts

  • Ranger Panties (of course)

  • Socks

Internal Mesh Pocket & Top Pocket

Contents within the Mesh Pocket and Top Pocket

  • Mesh Pocket

  • GORUCK Wire Dopp

  • Body Wash

  • Shampoo

  • Lotion

  • Deodorant

  • Toothbrush

  • Toothpaste

  • Cotton Balls

  • Q-Tips

  • Internal Top Pocket

  • Camera

  • Pens

  • Field notes

  • Roll of quarters

  • Few other random things


Laptop Compartment


External Slash Pocket

  • LED Flashlight 5 Mode Zoomable Torch

  • Again always good to have in case of any emergency.

  • Book (The Jedburghs)

  • I always have a book on me, never know when you are going to be sitting around waiting on something.


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