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Joe M

This is my first round of the nutrition program within the HDT training plan and I can say I have not been disappointed.

I have learned so much more about nutrition than I ever thought, Kim is always available for help and is extremely encouraging. I have always wanted to combine a nutrition coach with my training and I was so happy when HDT brought Kim on board to do just that. The cost of the program is pennies compared to the knowledge and health benefits gained by eating better and making life changes. Habits begin with a decision and discipline; make a decision to live better. By learning how to eat for a more healthy life that is full of energy, enthusiasm, and regained confidence! HDT Nutrition is where it is at, and Kimberly McGrath is the best at helping you achieve your goals.

Since the beginning of my 8 weeks (with still 3 to go!) I have lost 5 lbs and over 4" off my waist! The proof is in the waistline baby! So happy to be a part of this program.

Joe M
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