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Cleveland Area Rucking Crew is a community, we run events in our local area, including monthly group rucks (Early Morning 12-miler, Downtown Fun Ruck, and Ruck & PT session). With COVID-19 we haven't been able to run these official events as often as we had planned, but we will be putting together our 2021 calendar soon which you will be able to access below.  Our goal is to do things to better the community we are in, which is why the majority of the things we do are tied to fundraisers. We are proud to be working with and partnered with local gyms including Molon Labe Community & Fitness, Durniat Strength, and Erie Shore Athletics

We also offer remote personal training, nutrition, and yoga through our Heavy Drop Training programs. These programs can be utilized by anyone in the world for any kind of training for goals. We have a strong reputation (check our reviews & testimonials) in training people for endurance based events, firefighter training, military training, and alike. Our team, listed below, can help you reach your goals and we will keep you motivated doing so.

Have questions? Contact us at info@clevelandarearuckingcrew.com