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Here at CARC we want to give our veterans a place that they can express themselves, put some things out there that may be on their minds, vent if they want, and ultimately tell their story for others to hear. We hope to have veterans partake in one-on-one interviews that we will be publishing on our page for others to read about. Our hopes are to bring some light to others about the veteran community and maybe help some veterans achieve some goals, if we can, through our community. To start we will aim for one published write up per month with the potential of more per month depending on how many sign ups we get. 

Some opening questions to expect, but this is truly an open discussion and you can choose to not answer:

  • What branch did you serve?

  • What drove you to make the decision to serve?

  • What was it like during the time you served?

  • How have things have been since getting out, any negatives or positives that you have run into? 

  • Are there any things and/or hobbies you do now?

  • Do you have any goals going forward, and if you do, is there's anything that you think the CARC community can help with to make those goals happen?

Interviews will be performed by Krysta Spencer and write ups will be written and reviewed by Bryan Singelyn.

All final draft write ups will be given to those interviewees for final review. If you have any pictures from serving that we can add to the write up let us know!

If you are interested please fill out the contact form below and we will contact you to be interviewed. If you would like to remain anonymous on the write up we will put a pseudonym on it when we publish it.

I would like to take part in or know more about Vet-Talk

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you soon!

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