Singelyn Is A Sadist (RXXI-20 TBD) Patch

Singelyn Is A Sadist (RXXI-20 TBD) Patch


"Singelyn Is A Sadist" is inspired by those who have taken on the rigors of Heavy Drop Training and/or events/workouts and would agree to some extent that Bryan is a Sadist and they keep coming back because they're a Mosaicist...


This patch is sold to the public (not just HDT participants) to raise money to donate to fundraisers. Each round there will be a poll within the closed Heavy Drop Training group with a list of foundations to donate to (some we pick, some others add). The voting will go through the end of the round, at which point the foundation we will donate to will be determined. All profit that was made during the round via the sale of this patch will then be donated to that named foundation. We will keep this going for each round of Heavy Drop Training!


The #SingelynIsASadist hashtag started by one of the individuals in Round III named Rochelle, and it has lasted all the way through the current rounds. Also, thank you for the design of the patch which was submitted in our competition and won by Jennifer of Cincinnati.

  • Donation Breakdown

    TOTAL DONATED: $1,779.70

    • Round X-19 - St. Jude Childrens Research Hospital: $359.87
    • Round XI-19 - Snowdrop Foundation WI: $144.66
    • Round XII-19 - Green Beret Foundation: $47.67
    • Round XIII-19 - Snowdrop Foundation WI: $141.10
    • Round XIII-19 - Brothers for Life Foundation: $141.10 (Matched)
    • Round XIV-19 - Raider Project: $100
    • Round XV-19 - Snowdrop Foundation WI: $56.44
    • Round XVI-20 - Crohn's & Colitis Foundation: $193.03
    • Round XVII-20 - No Kid Hungry: $268.09
    • Round XVIII-20 - St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital: $198.97
    • Round XIX-20 - Crohn's & Colitis Foundation: $84.66
    • Round XX-20 - Snowdrop Foundation: $44.11

    Once Cost of the patches is covered, $14.11 from each purchase will be going towards the donation (the $0.89 per purchase taken out is the fee via PayPal and Stripe).

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