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Krysta Spencer - Cleveland, Ohio

   Krysta has been with the Cleveland Area Rucking Crew for roughly 3 years and has been a large part behind the scenes with our events and fundraising. She is actively involved in numerous veteran organizations that empower the injured, ill, and wounded service members in all aspects of life. She has been an advocate for veteran suicide prevention in the community as well as social media groups including Operation Enduring Warrior, 22Kill, Team RWB, Warrior Thunder Foundation and Operation FIDO.

   She was also involved on September 8th-11th, 2015 as a part of a team along with 8 soldiers who rucked/walked 220 miles from Boston, Massachusetts to the Freedom Tower in NYC with the purpose of raising awareness to the number of veterans who succumb to suicide.  This was highly successful as they were able to raise thousands of dollars, along with national news coverage which allowed their story to reach troops in Afghanistan and many veterans.

   We are happy to get her more involved within the Cleveland Area Rucking Crew as she will be our main interviewer for our VET-TALK segment!

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