Mar 6

St. Baldrick's Weekend!


Make sure to plan your weekend out accordingly, Friday we have the Meathead going on at Molon Labe CrossFit starting at 4:30PM and going until 7:30 PM. Then we will be kicking it with Cadre Dan from GORUCK HQ for the GORUCK St. Baldrick's Light event starting at 11AM Saturday from again Molon Labe CrossFit. We will end around 5PM and will have some awesome volunteers from Great Clips ready to shave some heads! Make sure to get signed up ASAP!


If you can't attend please consider donating via the link!


Oh and then... we will be downtown that evening at the Hofbrauhaus Cleveland at 8:00 PM to have some food and drinks and get a short ruck downtown in.



Going to be an awesome time don't miss out!

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